Backtalk is a feedback widget + screenshots

Surely, an image is worth at least 24 words. Right?

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Reduce friction receiving, processing, and acting on feedback

Easy Setup

It takes 5 minutes to pop our feedback widget into your app.

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Email workflow

We send the feedback & image straight to your email.

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Locate your user's thoughts

You can know where a user was in your app when they said "I need..."

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Your customers want to help you

By actively seeking out feedback from visitors, you show them that their opinions matter to you and create a more positive user experience. Our no friction, value first design encourages visitors to share their thoughts, leading to increased engagement.

Plus, we've all met that one power user who reports 4 bugs a week. Wouldn't you love to stop chasing down the state flow to get to the bug? A picture's worth 1,000 words, after all.

Pricing for every business, at any stage

All pricing packages are backed up by a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • $14
  • Per Month
  • Widget & Emails
  • 100 submissions/month
  • Multiple Inboxes
  • Priority Support
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  • PRO
  • $24
  • Per Month
  • All Standard features
  • Multiple Inboxes
  • 1,000 submissions / month
  • Custom Dashboarding
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  • Enterprise
  • Email Us
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  • >1,000 submissions/month
  • Custom filtering rules
  • Custom dashboarding
  • 24/7 Priority Support
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“People who succeed in business aren't afraid to hear feedback from their customers - they actually thrive from it.”

Johanna S. Richardson

CEO Essentials


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does feedback go to my email?

We want to enhance your current workflows without adding any extra tooling. So, we let you simply operate out of your inbox.

Is the feedback anonymous?

Contact info is requested but not required, so your users have the option to remain anonymous.

Can I get custom coloring?

Contact us directly for enterprise deals where custom theming will be supported.

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